Poetry for Life

Is there room in you for Me?

      Author :
Anthony Williams


I’m going to paint a picture

Of a woman in my vision

And based on this condition

I have come to my decision


My vision shows a woman

That has beauty from bottom to top

The most important part is her heart

That beats and never stops


So now as I take a stroll

In my vision , in my dream

As I watch her while she walks

I say to myself , what does this mean?


A woman who walks with elegance

And moves along with grace

I have to sometime catch myself

When I see her smiling face


This vision that I have

Of the beauty that I see

What she is, she's so appealing

Oh the things she does for me


So with all she has to give

With a heart as big as the sea

I just have one question for her

Is there room in you for me?


The reason that I ask

Is there room in you for me

It’s because besides your beauty

I really know that you can be


The type of woman that’s always willing

When you hold out your hands

To lift those spirits when I’m sad

Just to let me know I can


I’ve always wondered in my life

If  I’d meet a girl like you

With the special qualities that you have

I know that now my dreams come true



Keep smiling , my sweet lady

Keep giving from your heart

Wherever life may take you

I just hope that I’m a part


Of the life you lead today

And with that special gift of love

There is no doubt in my mind

You the one I’m thinking of


So with all you have to give

With a heart as big as the sea

I just have one question for you

Is there room in you for me?


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